Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello from Shauntell.

Hi everybody, how is school in nz. I've been having lots of fun in India with my cousins. Please comment.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

At the santa parade By Priyanka

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving to My New House by Brooke!!!!

On Friday I moved house. First we went to school from our old house then at the end of the day I went to my new house and it was loaded with all the boxes in the garage.
That night I couldn't sleep at my new house because I had a sleep over. It was my friend's party then after that I came home.
In the morning everything was everywhere in the garage.
Then when I got home my bed was made and my drawers were up and there were no boxes in my room. Then my mum said that my friend had put my drawers up and made my bed. Since she did that, I am going to say, "Thank you", because she was a big help.
It was a big day so we went to bed and everyone was tired.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chestnut Boats. by Ishani!

How to make Chestnut boats

you will need...
A few chestnuts cut in half
some air hardening clay
a few tooth-picks
some colored paper.
and some sticky tape.
  1. Wash the chestnut and then set it to dry.
  2. Get some air hard clay and stick it in the middle of the chestnut.
  3. Get one piece toothpick and stick it in the middle of the air hard clay
  4. Cut the colored paper in triangles.
  5. Then get some tape and tape the triangles on the toothpick.
  6. Then fill a bowl full of water and put your ready made chestnut boats in the water to sail the ocean!

Ben V's Birthday By Ben V

This is Spyro.

On October the 30Th it was my birthday . The 1st person who got there was Bradley and he got there an hour early. He got me an Eb games 30$ gift voucher.
he next person who got there was Reon and he got me a water gun. Then it was Sam and he was the last person. He got me chocolate and a 30 dollar gift voucher. My mum got me Sky Lander Spyros Adventures. My sister got me lots of Lego. Then Reon, Sam, Bradley and I went to Fortuna.
t was really fun and there was a lunch tray and a pudding tray and there was plum ice cream and vanilla bean ice cream and we all went to the toilet at least once.
When we got home we all wanted to play soccer so we all played soccer. The teams were Reon and Bradley vs Sam and me. Sam and I were called the Ninjas and they were called theRobots. The score was Ninjas7 Robots 1
. Then we played on the Nintendo wii and then we took them all home. On the way we saw a fire and we all had lots of fun.
The end.