Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting 3 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books

I got 3 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books when I got my tonsils out.
So the first one was The Ugly Truth and then I got Diary of a Wimpy Kid Original.
But then I got the new one, Cabin Fever it was really awesome because I got to read 651 pages in two weeks. But I'm going to get Rodrick's Rules for Christmas and Dog Days and The Last Straw.
So I'm really happy about that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Performance Rehersal :Rishan

On Friday 11th of November from 7-8 o'clock there is a performance rehearsal at Dorthy -Winstone theatre and we are doing this because on the 12th of November there is a performance.

It's very nerve wracking for my brother and the rest of the class and me.

I hope I don't mess up. My mum is very excited because we're going to perform in front thousands of people and I have to admit I'm a little excited as well.

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Nearly New Home. by Preeyal.

On Sunday we saw a rent home and my family said, "Let's take a look at the home."
But I saw a tent and what I saw was there was boy and when I saw him it was Caleb' and he was playing with his hand ball and I know that was his new home.
I got shocked then mum said, "Come on Preeyal."
"Coming Mum."
When we went inside it was really messy. I was not really happy but when we went outside mum said, "I don't like that pale colour. When we get this home we will change the wall colour to something else like our colour."
"Yay," said the house seller.
Then we came out of the house we will change some other stuff.

My holiday in America and Bens Birthday by Sam

On the 2nd of October I went to America.
I first saw Santa Monica pier and it was amazing at night. The whole pier glowed in the dark. Next I went to Hollywood and there I went to Universal Studios. Every thing was 3D. First I went to 3D King Kong, then 3D Simpson's and next was the mummy that was not 3D but it was still cool. Next was Las Vegas. There were lots of places like M&M land and Coke World. Next was Anaheim. There I went to Disneyland there were lots of rides. I saw Micky Mouse's house. At night at Disneyland there were fireworks. You could hear them 15 miles away and the fire works had a story too with them, the story of Walt Disney. The next day I went to San Diego. I went to Sea World. I feed the dolphins. Who knew that they liked sardines? There was also a giant playground and it was at least thirty feet off the ground. There was so many paths I didn't know which one to pick. There was lots. After, I went to see my cousins. We went to a Mexican place for dinner. The next day I had to fly back. We started to pack and we had our last swim in the pool and called a van. We flew for 11 hours. When we got back it was my friend's birthday so I went to the mall to find him a present and then I went to see my dad run a marathon. Then my mum and I ran to Ben V's house with his present and we got there in time. Ben V and his friends were going to a place called Fortuna. After that, we went back to Ben V's house to play skylanders and it was really fun. I had an awesome time. There were so many things and I wish I could go again.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Going to the Library on Sunday By Priyanka

On Saturday my mum and dad said that we were going to a new library that I had never been to. My sister and I were excited to go because we like reading books.
On Sunday I woke up early, my family was really going to a shop to buy my sister a maths book, so we decided to go there because the library was cl
ose to the shop. It was so far away to go there. When we arrived at the library I went to look a book. When it was time to go I went in the car and went home.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Moment of Epiphany by Zeenat

We always take things for granted and do not realise how lucky we are to have what we have in this life whether it be material things or luxuries or people who mean so much to us. It seems we always crave for more and once we get there, the cycle of needing more keeps on escalating.

On my last trip to Fiji with my family, I saw and felt something that I had never experienced before. Although I had heard about people living in poverty and seen it on television so many times before it doesn't compare to when you see it with your own eyes. Staying in resorts and islands is very exotic and fun but there was another side of paradise that is not so obvious.

My parents wanted to show us their old schools and also where they lived before. While we were driving to my dad's old village, I saw this boy who was probably as old as my sister taking water and heading towards some sugar cane fields. He had no shoes and was wearing very old clothes. What shocked me even more was his house because it was so tiny and rusty and looked like a very old shed. The boy seemed to be smiling and happy.

When we passed my dad's old primary school, we slowed down and were greeted with lot of smiling, happy children running around and playing. They did not seem to have any proper sports equipment or facilities but it seemed as if they had a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. I quietly thought about my school and all the things we have to play with during lunch time breaks. Another incident occurred where a little boy who was limping was selling peanuts and was urging people to buy from him saying his mother was sick and he needed money. Although we helped him that day, I felt horrible thinking how he would survive in the future. Yet, these children have the spirit to go on and often achieve things that no one would have thought would be possible. I realised that happiness doesn't come from having "more of everything" but finding satisfaction in what you have and being grateful as there are so many people in this world who don't even have the basics. As Mrs Brown says, we can look at things from the perspective of either half glass full or half empty; it is how you choose to view things in your life that matters.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shauntells Birthday Party - By Simran!

On Saturday I went to Shauntell's birthday party. Shauntell is a good friend she's smart, good, nice and intelligent. We enjoyed a lot and played lots of games including ten pin bowling!
Have a great year Shauntell !
By Simran

Getting my Black Award By Waiora

One of the days Mrs Brown said that we were going to have mb medals. The mb stands for Mrs Brown. When we have neat handwriting we will get an mb.
I have my black award that is th
e highest that you can go. When you get your gold award you get to go on the computer on blogs instead of doing handwriting. There a 4 stages until you get your black award there is a Bronze award, your silver award, your gold award and your Black award. You need to get 3 mbs to get your award so to get your Black award you need 12 mbs.
We are allowed to make our own Black award. My one is cool and so are all my friends.

The End

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sleeping under the Stars By Simran

In the summer holidays I am going to sleep under the stars. I can't wait to do it because we are going to put out a tent, hammock, barbecue, three sleeping bags, maybe one friend and of course my family!
I have never slept under the stars before. I am going to sleep in my backyard. So I
can be safe!
I hope you liked my blog
by Simran

Saturday, November 12, 2011

How the penguin lost its flight:By Hayley

Once upon a time there lived a family of penguins, a mother penguin, a father penguin, and two baby penguins. ( Back then penguins could fly ).
Every winter the penguins used to fly to the summer north poll, no one ever went there apart from all penguins. But one felt different when they flew to the summer, it was the mother, north poll, the mother penguin felt a bump in her tummy, I think she knew what it was.
They landed straight away... SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE A BABY!
The two babies themselves were running round crazy, and the next minute there bumping into each other, they were so excited.
But you should have seen the father, he was nuts. The next minute the babies born black and white, and at 2 weeks old she's learning how to fly.
But now all the babies are adults, But one day they met the emperor the bad emperor penguin, and they got tricked.
The guards blocked the exits and the emperor locked them up and came in the next day. It was a new day but then the emperor came in with some scissors and cut their wings, they didn't feel a thing apart from there wings being gone.
It was very complicated, because after their wings were cut they were told to fly away somewhere, where the emperor would never ever see them again.
So that's how the penguins lost their wings!

By Hayley

new home by caleb

Today I am moving to a NEW HOME. So I get to go in the spa bath and I get to go in my new bed room and NO girls in my bed room but if it is my baby cousin Isla and Letty and Luca.
Our cat Bebe likes the babies because they always pat Bebe but when I was little they were protecting me but it was very funny because my mum was trying to pick me up but Bebe was hissing at my mum so my uncle Tolly picked me up.

My Birthday By Waiora

On The 29th of October I had my birthday party my real birthday is on the 31st. I invited 6 girls they all came they were all in my class. Their names were Weeda, Zeenat, Shauntell, Emily Priyanka and Ishani. We played lots of games like pass the parcel and musical chairs. Weeda won both of them but we all got a chocolate Fredo. We had some cake my cake was full of strawberries and chocolate icing it was yummy my sister made butterfly cup cakes. Then I opened my presents there were lots of them. That was fun. Later on the girls had to go home. Well that was fun.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Going to Action World By Simran

On the 18 of November me and my class are going to Action World. I have been there before.

Many people have not been to Action World before. I have only been there once. I hope you liked my blog!

Going to Action world by Waiora

On the 18th of November my class and I are going to Action World of Lincoln Road. Action world looks really fun. I saw it at home on the website. This is the first time that I am going there. We might not go if it is raining but we might go another day.
I hope it doesn't rain on the day because I want to go on Friday. I hope it will be out.

Piano lessons by TAYNE

On Monday and Friday I go to piano lessons. It is my first time doing piano lessons. It was hard learning the notes like ABC. My teacher is called Mrs Brownie and she is funny and kind. She is the best piano teacher I have ever had. On Friday she is teaching me the notes D, E, F and G. I can't wait.

My Tennis (by Nathan)

On Tuesdays I play tennis. My brothers play before me but I play later. It is fun. We do games that are fun ! We have to buy our own tennis racket. Mine is big with fire tennis balls. It started in the beginning of Summer. After we finish tennis we go to athletics. My group finishes late and my brothers finish a little after I come from tennis. At tennis you need do run lots to get the ball and be able to swing the racket properly also hold. My session is 1 hour and my brothers' session is 30 minutes. I live quite close to it. It is near Lincoln Road. I wish it was on everyday.

By Nathen .c

The Book Fair Parade By Simran!

Today was the Book Fair Parade! It was fun! I dressed up as a ladybird. Shauntell dressed up as a fairy! Ben S. dressed up as Harry Potter! Alex was a book.The book was called The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I wonder how he printed it, it was cool!!!!!!
Mrs. Brown dressed up as a dog from 101 Dalmatians.

It was really fun at the book fair parade. Every pod got to walk on the stage.
Bethells was first and I was in Bethells! But later on the day my wings started to tear. I was really cross!!!!!!!!!
Then I went and played with my friend Tamana and Areeba. Both in room 22. Areeba was
dressed up as a cowgirl and Tamana was dressed as R.R.H [Red Riding Hood]
I had a great day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My best friend's arm By Waiora

It all started the day my best friend broke her arm. Weeda is that friend. I wish I could have caught her when she fell. That day she broke her arm she was on the playground and she was trying to jump to the 4th monkey bar but she missed. She fell on her arm and it really hurt and she was crying. I couldn't watch her cry. I had to take her up to the sickbay. I told her sister that she was in the sickbay. We went up and she got some ice on it and her sister took her bag and later on her dad came and he went to the sickbay. Weeda didn't come to school for a long time. Then she came finally. I was so exited to see her. She had a sling around her hand and she said that she was going to get a blue cast.

The End

Netball By Simran

Netball is fun One day my team won!! I was really happy my first game winning!! Netball is really fun.
Sometimes we win sometimes we don't win.
My friend Shauntell is very good at Netball. I want to improve , so when someone from the other team is throwing the ball I have to jump and catch it. I also want to improve catching the ball when a person from the team throws the ball.I like playing Netball. And guess what! we won our final!

We came first place and group 1 came second place because they didn't win their final.

By Simran!