Thursday, November 3, 2011

My best friend's arm By Waiora

It all started the day my best friend broke her arm. Weeda is that friend. I wish I could have caught her when she fell. That day she broke her arm she was on the playground and she was trying to jump to the 4th monkey bar but she missed. She fell on her arm and it really hurt and she was crying. I couldn't watch her cry. I had to take her up to the sickbay. I told her sister that she was in the sickbay. We went up and she got some ice on it and her sister took her bag and later on her dad came and he went to the sickbay. Weeda didn't come to school for a long time. Then she came finally. I was so exited to see her. She had a sling around her hand and she said that she was going to get a blue cast.

The End


Nathan said...

How did you know all that.