Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our trip to Long Bay beach by Abishai

On Wednesday summer land  school went to long bay to have a picnic.First we ate our mourning tea.Then room 1 and 2 had to build sand castles while room 3 and 4 got to play in the water.The sand castle was fun because we got to build a huge one.In a short time room 3 and 4 came out to build sand castles.Then room 1 and 2 played in the water for a long time till changing time.Then the boys went to there changing  room to change our togs.Then after that we had lunch and played soccer untill the teacher called us to play in the play ground.Then we went to play in the play ground.First me and my friends played on the pretend spider web.It was fun when I sliped and fell.After that we packed our bags and went to the same school bus back to summer land school.Then we went home to tell our mums and dads what we have been doing at long bay beach.