Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our trip to Long Bay beach by Abishai

On Wednesday summer land  school went to long bay to have a picnic.First we ate our mourning tea.Then room 1 and 2 had to build sand castles while room 3 and 4 got to play in the water.The sand castle was fun because we got to build a huge one.In a short time room 3 and 4 came out to build sand castles.Then room 1 and 2 played in the water for a long time till changing time.Then the boys went to there changing  room to change our togs.Then after that we had lunch and played soccer untill the teacher called us to play in the play ground.Then we went to play in the play ground.First me and my friends played on the pretend spider web.It was fun when I sliped and fell.After that we packed our bags and went to the same school bus back to summer land school.Then we went home to tell our mums and dads what we have been doing at long bay beach.

Going To Australia by Abishai

Last year, I went to Australia.  We packed our bags and went on the plane for a seven day family holiday.  When we got there we got lost and couldn't find out town.  It was a bit scary because we were in a new country.  After a long time we found our tower got our bags and went to sleep as it was 2am by now.  The next day we woke very early and nothing was open so we went for a early morning swim in the swimming pool.  When we finished we had a shower, got dressed and went to the mall to buy some food and also had lunch there.  After lunch we played a memory game and spent more time looking at shops around surfers paradise.  The next day we went to dream world.  It was amazing to see all the rides while waiting for our tickets.  The first ride was a roller coaster, it was fun.  Then we went to bumper cars.  My dad and I bumped all the other cars, it was very funny. Next we went on a sponge bob ride where we were spinning around and around.  We went on the train, and the log boat while we waited for my baby brother to sleep.  When he woke up we went to the little kids play area and had a late lunch.  Here there were tea cup rides, a little fear fall and the wiggles show.  We finally had a look at some tigers and other animals and I drove a big real like car at Vintage cars.  We made our way home after a very long hot day and had a quick swim before dinner and bed time.  The next day we went to the beach, this was one of the best days as we hardly go to the beach and catch waves for the whole day.  The rest of the day we again went shopping.  The fourth day we went to Sea-world.First we saw the fish. At sea-world we my brother my dad and I went on a log boat.Then it was our turn so we went on the boat and went to the top of the slide.It was  very step.Then we went down the slide.  I was soaking.Then I got dry because the sun was very hot. Then we had sandwhiches for lunch.After that we went on a roller coaster.It went very  fast.Then we went to our hotel.That was one of my very long exiting day in my holidays.Then we went shopping to buy some food.Then we had diner and and went to bed.On the sixth day we went to white water world.We played in the wave pools.Then we went to a water play ground.It had slides and and a huge bucket falling over all the people that was playing.Then I felt water falling on me.Then I looked back and saw the bucket falling over my head.I went to the middle of the bucket and the bucket fell over me.It was like I was swimming in ice.Then we got changed and went to dream world. Then we went to our hotel.Then we had diner and watched tv and went to bed. The next day we went to the mall. I went to a shop.It had lots of toys. Then I went back to our car and and went to buy food.After that we went to our hotel and packed our bag and went to the airport.Then we went to our house.                                                                                   

Monday, March 19, 2012

Soccer By Yasir

I went to play soccer at a park and the coach put us in teams and we played. My team scored a goal and I scored a goal as well. After soccer the coach gave us oranges. They were yum. Then my mum took me back home.